Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 25, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • How is conscience formed? Is a person responsible for a badly formed conscience?
  • Can people who have drifted from the Church be saved?
  • Why are people critical of Pope John Paul II?
  • Comment on freedomforchrist.com
  • What is the significance and meaning of candles in church?
  • If Lucifer repented, would God give him a second chance? (The One and The Many – Fr Norris Clarke, Theology and Sanity – Sheed)
  • Are Catholics playing into the hands of the Muslims, with religious liberty arguments setting up Muslims to gain control?
  • Comment on John Paul II and Crossing the Threshold of Hope book
  • Can a couple participate in marital relations without sin if one of them is using contraception, even if one of the couple objects? (Life Issues, Medical Choices – Smith and Kaczor)