Right Here, Right Now Podcast for July 23, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s exciting show…

  • Would a cloned human have a soul?
  • How can I approach my God-daughter who plans to get married outside the Church?
  • Comments on how women dress at church (verilymag.com)
  • How can we bring people back to the Church?
  • Follow up call regarding mixed religion family and the steps they’ve taken to get more involved in the Catholic Church
  • Is marijuana wrong in the eyes of the Church because it’s illegal, or for other reasons?
  • Why do people kiss the Pope’s ring?
  • What is the Church’s viewpoint on holding hands during the Our Father at Mass? (Mass Confusion – Catholic Answers)
  • Clarification on Matthew 12:46-50?
  • If a child is born in a non-sacramental marriage, is the child illegitimate?
  • Is it immoral to have tattoos?
  • Comments on previous call regarding clothing at church (melaniepritchard.org)
  • Book recommendations for new age conversion (Fundamentals of the Faith – Kreeft, Catholics and the New Age – Pacwa)
  • How can I repair a rift in the family as a result of split religious opinions?