Right Here, Right Now Podcast for July 17, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid Podcast

On today’s show…

  • What is the role of works in salvation? What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant view of this?
  • Can faith and reason work together or does faith hinder reason?
  • What is the magisterium?
  • Is the Centering Prayer movement something that is consistent with Catholic doctrine? (womenofgrace.org)
  • Who was the first Saint in Heaven?
  • Can you recommend books on introduction to Catholic teaching? (Theology for Beginners, Frank Sheed, Why Do Catholics Do That?, Kevin Orlin, Catholic and Christian, Alan Schreck, Jesus. What Catholics Believe, Alan Schreck)
  • Can we attend non-Catholic weddings?
  • How do nondenominational “testimonies” translate into the Catholic teachings?
  • What does Jesus folding the sheet after he rose mean?
  • Did the Church change its view on Purgatory?
  • Comment on Centering Prayer. (Fundamentals of the Faith, Peter Kreeft)
  • Are there 4 gifts of the Holy Spirit that are infused at Baptism? (Surprised by Truth, Patrick Madrid)
  • Is there an age limit on becoming a Catholic?