Right Here, Right Now Podcast for July 1, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • Why do some priests and other religious not wear habits anymore?
  • Are there good Angels and bad Angels that walk among us still?
  • What are the three days of darkness? (Catholic Prophecy books as reference)
  • Is cremation forbidden? (www.usccb.org)
  • Comment on religious habits.
  • My priest’s accent is so thick that I cannot understand him? Can I attend mass by listening to mass on the radio instead?
  • Can I go to a wedding that is outside the church?
  • If my daughter married outside the church, is she condemned to hell if she dies before returning?
  • How do you know if spiritual direction is right for you?
  • Isn’t refusing to go to a wedding sending the message that Catholics are intolerant?