Creating a Family Culture

Creating a Family Culture

happy-familyBrett & Kate McKay over at the blog The Art of Manliness recently posted a very interesting article on the importance of creating a family culture.  When they asked the parents of happy families what their secret was to peace and harmony, almost everyone said the same thing:

“They’re intentional about creating and fostering a positive family culture.”

The McKays go on to explain what a family culture is, namely the ways the family “works together to solve problems, achieve goals, and relate to one another,” and that all families have a culture, either by intention or by default. The challenge is that it requires real work to build a positive family culture, rather than settle for the default.

“It may seem that happy families are just naturally happy, but as it is with successful people in any arena, there’s usually a lot of effort and conscious practice going on behind the scenes. It looks easy because they truly enjoy it, and for this reason, they may not even experience it as effort. But, you can guarantee it still takes intentionality.” 

This sounds good in theory, but how exactly does one go about building a positive family culture?

Well, over the next few months, the McKays will publish a series of posts as a “roadmap” to help you develop the culture you want for your family. The posts are geared toward men, but the intent is for parents to work together and determine what values, norms and traditions they want to pass on to their children.

Read the full article and check out what topics will be covered in the “roadmap” over at The Art of Manliness.