Bay Area Catholic for July 13, 2013

  • Bay Area Catholic PodcastScholar and author Joseph Pearce’s in-depth look at the real meaning of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare was a “secret Catholic”—living his Faith in an anti-Catholic secular culture, England, where doing so carried the death penalty. Yet he walked a careful line—infusing his art with the moral principles of Christianity.
  • Special guest, Fr. Mark Hanifan answers a difficult question about adultery. What does it have to do with the sanctity of marriage? What does the Church teach about how long a marriage should last?
  • Array of Hope. This multi-media two-hour traveling event originated at a parish in New Jersey. Now it’s spreading across the nation. Two founders join us with the second part of our conversation.
  • Another song from India’s Rex Band.
  • The Acts of the Apostles continues in today’s chapters from the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Actor Michael York plays the Evangelist, Luke, author of Acts. Travel back with us two thousand years…