Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 7, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastToday on Right Here, Right Now…

  • Why is Opus Dei outside of the Church hierarchy? (Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace – Hahn)
  • Is it okay for a lay person to take the Host and dip it into the Chalice?
  • What does the phrase, “The Church will provide”, in relation to the sacraments, mean? (The Sacraments and Their Celebration – Halligan)
  • What is the difference between a person’s soul and spirit? (Theology for Beginners – Sheed)
  • Why does Matthew’s account of the Last Supper not include the phrase “Do this in memory of me”?
  • What is the Gift of Tears, as mentioned in Acts, Chap 20? (Spiritual Theology – Fr Aumann
  • How I can best respond to atheists, especially in arguments against the Old Testament? (The Last Superstition – Dr Feser)
  • Is it okay for a priest to dip the Host into the Chalice before distributing it to the lay people? (Intinction search on USCCB.org)
  • Is the Catholic Church 100% correct in every respect, or do they make mistakes?