Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 3, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastToday on Right Here, Right Now…

  • What is the Church’s stance on Freemasonry? (Freemasonry Unmasked – Salza, Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons – Salza)
  • Is it a mortal sin for elderly to miss Mass?
  • When Revelation references a new heaven and earth, are the one place or separate?
  • Are there good resources for group study on the upcoming Sunday’s readings? (Magnificat magazine, The Word Among Us magazine, The Better Part – Fr Bartunek, The Church’s Year – Fr Goffine)
  • Comment on Anointing of the Sick, and benefits
  • How can Masons be inclusive of all other religions, but have views that are opposed to many of them?
  • Why isn’t the Eucharist mentioned in the Creed? (newadvent.org – article on Nicene Creed)
  • What does “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus” mean?
  • I’m in the process of converting to Catholicism, but my spouse is not.  Can I alternate going to Mass and going to the non-Catholic Christian service?