Bay Area Catholic for June 22, 2013

Bay Area Catholic PodcastOn this episode of Bay Area Catholic…

  • Carrying The Faith. Patti Collyer introduces us to VJ, an East-Bay college student who leads a campus Catholic club. It brings a Catholic presence to the campus community at large, and members help each other live the Faith– and carry it into the future.
  • Leonardo Defilippis joins us again with spiritual insights, and with a progress report on scripting and casting his upcoming production, Faustina. The message of Christ’s Divine Mercy– wow.
  • The USCCB’s national Fortnight For Freedom, two weeks of prayer, thought, and action in defense of our Freedom of Religion. June 21 – July 4. The American bishops urge us to participate. Prominent attorney Charles LiMandri tells us why, and updates us on the state of religious and conscience freedom in the USA. Part 2 of a series to run throughout the fortnight.
  • Another song from India’s Rex Band, who will perform at Flint Center in Cupertino on Friday, July 5. Are you going? They appeared on the May 31st Living The Faith. If you missed that show, be sure to play the podcast. Click the “Browse” menu above and click “May, 2013.” It’s the first show on that page.
  • The Acts of the Apostles continues in today’s chapters from the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Actor Michael York plays the Evangelist, Luke, author of Acts. Travel back with us two thousand years…