Bay Area Catholic for Jun 8, 2013

  • Bay Area Catholic PodcastA quick visit to Bethelehem University—an oasis of peace and inter-faith fellowship in a troubled Holy Land. Christian Brother Jack Curran shows us.
  • Catholic Distance University Dean of Undergrad Studies, Father Bevil Bramwell returns with insight into Pope Francis and his papacy.
  • Another song from India’s Rex Band, who will perform at Flint Center in Cupertino on Friday, July 5.
  • The Church’s “Social Justice” principles are Gospel morality. For 120 years, popes have been writing about these principles and their application to our time. Columnist Tony Magliano summarizes these writings for us.
  • The Acts of the Apostles continues in today’s chapters from the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Actor Michael York plays the Evangelist, Luke, author of Acts. Travel back with us two thousand years…