Right Here, Right Now Podcast for May 30, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastToday, on Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid…

  • Why aren’t exorcisms and the raising of the dead considered sacraments?
  • Does the Church maintain a list of banned books?
  • What are some good resources for dealing with loss and grief? (Surprised by Joy – CS Lewis, Walk Humbly with Your God – Fr Apostle)
  • Why do Catholics bless items (like candles)
  • Why does the Church create a dichotomy in the Eucharist between symbol and reality? (The Hidden Manna – Fr O’Connor)
  • If someone’s disabled and cannot consume the Eucharist completely, is it a sin to take the remainder of it home?
  • What is the importance of praying the Rosary daily?
  • Clarification on the verse in Matthew about a husband leaving his family and joining his wife.