Right Here, Right Now Podcast for May 21, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn this jam-packed show…

  • Suggested readings for grief as wife passed away (Making Sense out of Suffering- Dr. Peter Kreeft, A Grief Observed- C.S. Lewis, A Severe Mercy- Sheldon Vanauken)
  • New idea for a book for Patrick: Those in the bible who have gotten a bad rap
  • Does a mystery need to be mentioned when praying the Rosary
  • What is the best prayer to day daily to cast away the demons- caller believes everyone is possessed to a point
  • I am married through church but never received confirmation- Is this a mortal sin?
  • Is it wrong to attend a marriage outside the church, caller is afraid if she doesn’t attend she will not see her grandson as much?