Right Here, Right Now Podcast for May 15, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastToday, on the Right Here, Right Now Podcast…

  • My nephew’s baby is not being baptized, but dedicated. Can I go?
  • I was baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church, and again as a young adult outside of the Catholic Church. Was there any effect being baptized again? (Needing Christ in the Sacraments – Fr O’Neill)
  • Is is okay for a celibate homosexual to adopt a child?
  • How can I refute the Muslim claim that Matthew invented prophecies? (Not Peace but the Sword – Spencer)
  • How can I get past my personal fears to do God’s will? (Hinds Feet on High Places – Hurnard)
  • Can I attend a wedding of a Catholic and non-Catholic, being married outside the Church?