Right Here, Right Now Podcast for April 23, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn this episode of Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid…

  • Do you think that Catholics try to unite their depression with Christ or go straight to medication?
  • Can you give me the process on how I can convert to Catholicism?
  • When should lay Eucharistic ministers be used?
  • What is the Church’s teaching on couples that have been cohabitating?
  • Comment on call regarding prayer when depressed.
  • Can you give me information to discuss Mary to Jehovah’s Witness’?
  • Is Pope Francis the first Jesuit pope?
  • Is it true that Pope Francis broke the tradition of the washing of the feet?
  • How can I access information that you have posted on Facebook?
  • Comment on socializing with people who are divorced.