Bay Area Catholic for March 30, 2013

Bay Area Catholic PodcastChristus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat! Christ wins! Christ reigns! Christ commands!

  •  Archbishop Salvatore Cordelione urges us to give time to our Risen Lord.
  • Anthony Ryan announces this year’s Napa Men’s Conference speaker lineup—Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, Fr. Donald Calloway, and Patrick Coffin of Catholic Answers Live.
  • Chris Good, Executive Director of the Diocese of Oakland F.A.C.E. Scholarship program for Catholic school students, invites us to dinner!
  • Fr. Jim McIlhone , Bay Area Catholic’s Bible Scholar, answers the most fundamental questions about our salvation. What is sin? What is atonement? Why did Christ’s sacrifice have to be so horrific? Fr. Jim brings his Bible and his Catechism to this special half-hour segment. This fundamental information is so important, Ed is playing this interview again for your careful attention.
  • He is risen! The last two chapters of the Book of John. Brought to life in today’s edition of the Truth and Light Audio Bible, RSV Catholic Edition.
  • Also for your Easter meditation, No Greater Love, the moving hymn by Theologian and prolific Liturgical Composer, Fr. Jan Michael Joncas, whose most famous composition is On Eagle’s Wings.