Right Here, Right Now Podcast for March 26, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn Today’s show…

  • Where did Moses and Elijah appear or come from at the Transfiguration?
  • Can priests form labor unions? – Surprised by Canon Law.
  • If same sex marriage became legal in the entire United States what would the Church do?
  • My wife and I are coming into the Church, but we have both been previously married. Do we have to go through the annulment process? – Annulments and the Catholic Church Straight Answers to Tough Questions
  • What are the three books that you mentioned yesterday? – The Philosophy of Jesus; The Fundamentals of the Faith; Jacob’s Ladder
  • Did Pope Francis offer communion to everybody at his inaugural mass?
  • Why did the soldiers who cast lots for Christ’s clothes want his clothes?
  • Prophecy of end times in the Book of Daniel. – What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World
  • Having problems with annulment.
  • Does Greek have prepositions?