Happy First Birthday to KCEO 1000AM in San Diego!

Happy First Birthday to KCEO 1000AM in San Diego!

cake-for-first-birthday-party1We’re excited to celebrate the first birthday of KCEO, 1000AM in San Diego.  It’s been quite a year in San Diego for this station. We’ve gone from the initial purchase to a massive signal expansion and now, KCEO cover’s from San Diego up into Orange County!  

Share with us!  What’s your favorite thing about 1000AM?



  1. Barbara says:

    Setting Thngs Right talk show with conservative hosts covering justice issues, religious freedom, pro life and other ways of putting our faith into action

  2. Hoan Pham says:

    Able to pray together with the network for the Rosary at 6:30am, the Angelus at noon, the chaplet of the Divine Mercy at 8:30pm is the great way to start the day, give thanks in the mid-day and praising GOD’s Mercy at the day end for me.
    Listening to “Doctor is in”, “Son Rise Morning”, “Mother Angelica”, “Catholic live Q&A”, “Right Here Right Now”, and such programs had helping me to learn and to grow more deeply in Catholic faith a great deal. At the day end, I can remember the Scripture of the day reading. On Friday, I was able to meditate and prepare for Sunday’s Scriptures.

    Thanks Lord for the blessings of this radio station. Thanks to all San Diegan and those who pledged this past 3 days in the fund-drive to keep the radio coming to San Diego and others towns. Thank you to all the people working at IH radio for bringing the Good News of the Lord to the nation on the air with your very own talents. I will continue support the station financially as well invite more friends, family members, and coworkers to listen to this great radio station.

  3. Michael Bascon says:

    Love Immaculate heart radio – from Catholic Answers Live, to Sunrise morning show to Right here Right now and everything inbetween!

  4. Jim Brunetti says:

    Such a great Catholic radio station. I am only part time in San Diego area, and as soon as I hit Temecula, I turn on 1000AM and get reception & your program. I really like the meaningful discussions on topics that are of concern to all Christians. I was especially surprised when I heard the Atheist-Agnostic hour, where the priest was able to calmly and coherently explain Catholic dogma in a way that was welcoming. Congratulations on one year of service. When are you going to open a channel in the San Bernardino area?? Thank you for your apostolate!

  5. I have found your IHeart Station thru our local church, St John of the Cross in
    Lemon Grove ca 91945. I and my wife really do enjoy this station.

    Donald Relucio : Lemon Grove ca 91945

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