Bay Area Catholic for March 9, 2013

  • Bay Area Catholic PodcastDemons: up close and personal. Diocese of San Jose Exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas, tells us how a priest can command a demon. Ed plays this important interview originally broadcast last November.
  • Married priests? Part 2 of our conversation about the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition requiring that her priests be unmarried. Where did this “discipline of the Church” start? Father Joseph Fessio, CEO of Ignatius Press, tells us about a new book, “Married Priests? — 30 Crucial Questions About Celibacy.”
  • On the Road with Leonardo Defilippis— Leonardo is back at the office for a few days between cities, in his tour bringing his dramatization of the Passion of Christ according to the Gospel of St. Luke. Leonardo shares some remarkable experiences.
  • Mark Brumley gives us his book report on “Knowing God,” by Frank Sheed. How do we use our intellect to get closer to God?


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