Bay Area Catholic for March 2, 2013

  • Bay Area Catholic Podcast“Ignite,” the annual Youth Day of the Diocese of Oakland, is coming up March 16th. Patti Collyer returns to Bay Area Catholilc to give us a preview, with her guest, Franciscan Father Dave Pavanka.
  • Married priests? How old is the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition requiring that her priests be unmarried? Where did this “discipline of the Church” start?Father Joseph Fessio, CEO of Ignatius Press, tells us about a new book, “Married Priests? — 30 Crucial Questions About Celibacy.”
  • Tom Peterson, “inventor” of those unforgettable radio and TV “evangemercials” about coming home to the Catholic Faith, brings us up to date on the impact of these spots on souls and on our culture. The statistics are amazing.
  • All this, plus the wisdom of Pope BenedictThe Baltimore Catechism In Thirty Seconds, Food for your Lenten journey with Bishop Robert Brom, and more on your Catholic Radio Magazine for the Bay Area.

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