Bay Area Catholic for March 16, 2013

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  • Demonic Possession: up close and personal, Part 3. Diocese of San Jose Exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas, knows how demons take hold in a person’s life, and how to engage the power of the Church to free that person from powers of Hell.
  • Mark Brumley gives us his Part 2 of his book report on “Knowing God,” by Frank Sheed. How do we use our intellect to get closer to God?
  • Fr. Robert Spitzer returns to Living The Faith, with news of new resources which his Magis Center For Reason and Faith offers Catholic high schools and college students see how real science fits with our Catholic Faith. These materials defend the student from the disinformation and intellectual dishonesty that pervades our secular culture and lures the unsuspecting away from their faith. The Catholic Faith and Science are not competitors in pursuit of truth, they are companions.
  • As we move closer to Triduum, we immerse ourselves in the Gospel of John. Close your eyes. Listen. Travel back two thousand years.

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