Thousands rally to keep Ireland abortion-free

Thousands rally to keep Ireland abortion-free

Youth Defence rallyOne week before the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in America, thousands of people flooded the streets of Dublin to prevent the legalization of abortion in Ireland. The rally was organized by Youth Defence, the largest pro-life organization in Ireland, and was held in response to Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s apparent attempt to introduce legislation that would allow for “limited” abortions.

Mickey Harte, one of the speakers at the rally, told the crowd,

“There is no tradition of which I am prouder than the respect for both women and their unborn children that has been the hallmark of our medical services in Ireland. Ireland, without abortion, is one of the safest countries in the world for a woman to be pregnant.”

The legislation is being introduced due, in part, to a case in which the Irish Supreme Court ruled that a woman can legally have an abortion if she threatens suicide.

Caroline Simons, legal advisor for the Pro Life Campaign that helped organize the rally, said, “The psychiatrists who addressed the hearings were unanimous that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal ideation. There is no evidence whatever that suggests that abortion reduces the mental health risks of unwanted or mistimed pregnancy. But there is evidence that abortion increases the risk of future mental health problems for a significant number of women.”

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