Bay Area Catholic for January 5, 2013

Bay Area Catholic PodcastToward more than a happy new year…

  • Jesus The Boy. Pope Benedict gives us beautiful insight into Him—human boy, God the Son. Mark Brumley returns with Part 2 of his introduction to the Pope’s new book: Jesus Of Nazareth—The Infancy Narratives.
  • St. Francis of Assisi, perhaps the second-most recognized Saint after Christ’s mother. Franciscan Father Francisco Nahoe continues discussing his religious order, the Order of Friars Minor, which follows his lead.
  • As the early Church began spreading across the Earth, many local “rites” or local “Churches” developed their own way of celebrating the Mass. The largest, our “Roman” rite. Father Anthony Hernandez tells us about another one—the Eastern Rite whose Divine Liturgy (Mass) he celebrates on the Peninsula.
  • Jesus The Boy. Described by the Evangelist, St. Luke, through actor Michael York in the Truth and Life audio Bible.

All this and more on your Catholic Radio magazine with Ed Horodko.


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