Bay Area Catholic for January 12, 2013

Bay Area Catholic PodcastChristmas Season Closes

  • As this Liturgical Season closes, we focus on the Baptism of the Lord, brought to life in the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Actor, Stacy Keach portrays St. John the Evangelist.
  • Bay Area young adult Brad Spence joins Patti Collier and Ed with his story and his plans.
  • East Bay liturgical music composer, Frank La Rocca, begins his in-depth story of his faith journey, including how he lives his Faith through his music.
  • Immaculate Heart Radio’s Holy Land Reporter, Jacqueline Yvette, brings some news on traditional foods in the Holy Land. Then author of the cookbook, The Biblical Feast, Kitty Morse goes into depth with practical recipes you can cook up at home—using authentic Biblical foods available right here.

All this and more on your Catholic Radio magazine, Bay Area Catholic, with your host, Ed Horodko.


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