Setting Things Right for Dec. 12, 2012

Setting Things Right for Dec. 12, 2012

As a follow-up to the November 14th show, the December 12, 2012 Setting Things Right show again discusses open adoption.

In this emotionally charged show, hosts Kent, Linda, and, and Cy Kellett, along with guests: Sarah Jensen, director of the Adoption Center of San Diego, Suzanne and James, adoptive parents, Caroline, a birth mother, and by phone, Carri, a birth mother, and her own mother Cherlyn discuss:

  • How and why open adoption works,
  • The incredible impact open adoption has on birth parents, adopted children, and adopting parents,
  • The importance of fathers in the lives of children and how birth mothers who unselfishly place for adoption very frequently do so in order to give stable and loving fathers to their children,
  • The similarity of merging families through the open adoption process to that of marriage bringing different families together, and
  • The importance of educating the general public, including active Catholics, on the positive reality of open adoption.

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