Bishop Vann Installation Mass

Bishop Vann Installation Mass

Bishop VannDon’t forget, we’ll be webcasting the installation mass for Bishop Vann, the new Bishop of  the Diocese of Orange.

You can watch this mass on our Orange County page.

From the announcement

Bishop Kevin Vann (pronounced like the ‘moving van’) has been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Orange.  At the same time, the Holy Father has accepted the retirement of Bishop Tod Brown, who at age 75, was required by Church law to submit his letter of resignation.

Bishop Vann was born on May 10, 1951 in Springfield, Illinois, one of seven children.  He was ordained a priest in 1981 for the Diocese of Springfield, and served there for many years as associate pastor, seminary professor, and pastor of a number of parishes.  He earned a Doctorate in Church law in 1986 from Rome.  In 2005, he was named the coadjutor (next in line) Bishop of Fort Worth, Texas, to succeed Bishop Joseph Delaney.  (Interestingly enough, Bishop Delaney died the day before Bishop Vann was to be ordained and so, immediately following his ordination as Bishop, Bishop Vann took over as diocesan Bishop of Fort Worth).  Bishop Vann’s mother died a few months ago; his father, age 86, still lives in the family home in Springfield, Illinois.

Bishop Vann is the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of Orange.  His predecessors are Bishop William R. Johnson (1976-1986) who founded our parish; Bishop Norman McFarland (1987-1998) who dedicated our church; and Bishop Brown (1998-2012).