Bay Area Catholic for Dec. 8, 2012

Bay Area Catholic PodcastThe Greatest Miracle: The Mass

  • You remember Mexican film producer Pablo Barroso—his first movie, the epic about persecution of Catholics in early 20th Century Mexico, For Greater Glory. Pablo’s next movie is about The Mass. That’s right, a commercial film about  the Catholic Mass! It’s already played in more than 100 theaters. He joins us today to tell us all about it. It’s available on DVD right now.
  • Brother Jack Curran, a member of the Christian Brothers (educators and formerly, famous vintners), works at Bethlehem University (in the real Bethlehem!), the only Catholic University in the Holy Land. How do Christian and Moslem students and faculty get along? Why is this place of learning so important today.
  • All this and more as we celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent. Are you preparing the way for the Lord?

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