Bay Area Catholic for November 26, 2012

Bay Area Catholic PodcastThey’re Back!

This week, three familiar guests return to Bay Area Catholic.

  • Anthony Ryan. He’ll tell you how your parish organization can catechize and fundraise at the same time, by arranging for local showings of the international epic movie on the life of Saint Augustine, son of Saint Monica and Church Father. Restless Heart.
  • G. K. Chesterton expert, Dale Alquist, has just released his new book which is ‘the missing Chesterton book’— in effect, the Chesterton autobiography, a biography in the sense that Chesterton has written about Shakespeare, Dickens, and others. The Complete Thinker is a short course in thinking, and an homage to the Apostle of Common Sense.
  • Biblical Scholar Father James McIlhone is back with Part 2 of his conversation on The Year Of Faith and the Bible.
  • All this and more on your weekly Catholic Radio Magazine for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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