Bay Area Catholic for Nov. 5, 2012

Freedom of Religion in action

  • The iOs and Android app, The Catholic Voting Guide, is not just a good way to check in with Catholic morality as you plan your voting, it’s a year-round quick look-up for the Church’s real teaching on the hot issues of our day. Fr. John Trigilio is president of the 600-priest Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, creators of this app. Thomas J. McKenna tells us all about it.
  • What if the Health and Human Service Mandate had been in force when the young Ghanan Pagan child was starving and the USA’s Catholic Relief Services showed up with free food, education, and love? The Mandate acknowledges a religious activity only if it is for members of the same religion. Would CRS have said, “Sorry, Thomas, the food is for Catholics only.”? I don’t think so. But would have CRS been able to show up or even exist? (Are you voting for religious freedom?) Thomas tells us Part 1 of his story.
  • As a young man, Andreas Widmer, now Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at Catholic University of America, was Pope John Paul II’s personal body guard. Is that an Uzi under his suit coat? Check the cover of his book, The Pope and the CEO. Andreas tells us of the impact this saint has on his life even today, and how JP2’s Theology of the Body meets Catholic Social Teaching in business, entrepreneurship, and impoverished peoples.
  • The Book of Matthew springs to life once again in the Truth and Life Audio Bible.
  • Jacqueline Yvette reports again from the Holy Land.
  • Pope Benedict blows our mind again with his meditation via Leonardo DeFillipis.

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