Bay Area Catholic for Nov 12, 2012

  • Bay Area Catholic Pod CastFr. James McIlhone returns to help us get the most from The Year of Faith—through the Mass, the Bible, and the Eucharist. Not a belief something, but in someone: Our Lord.
  • Monica Fitzgibbons joins us to tell of the new CD label she has co-founded, de Montfort Music. Their first release, just in time for Advent and Christmas, is Advent at Ephesus, performed by cloistered nuns under the direction of their remarkable leader.
  • Thomas Awiapo returns for Part 2 of his story—it starts as a starving Ghanan child rescued by the USA’s Catholic Relief Services. Today, he travels our country educating us on the work of CRS.

All this and more on your Catholic Radio Magazine on living the Faith—Bay Area Catholic.


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