Bay Area Catholic for Oct. 1, 2012

Seven Big Myths About The Catholic Church

  • You’ve heard them proclaimed in the secular media—movies, TV, news, magazines, newspapers. Your friends think they’re true. But are they true? Beliefs about what our Church teaches. Do we oppose science? Are we against happiness? Do we hate gay people? Do we oppose freedom? Do we hate hate women? Are we indifferent to love? Do we oppose same-sex “marriage” because we’re homophobic? Dr. Christopher Kaczor exposes the truth behind the myths in his new book, The Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church.
  • The Rosary. Insight into this Christ-centered prayer, from Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton’s website. Great prep for Saturday, October 13th’s Family Rosary Crusade coming up at UN Plaza in San Francisco.
  • What did Vatican II really teach about music for Mass? Kathy Reinheimer quotes the Council, and takes its lead (and Pope Benedict’s) in her own music ministry.
  • All this and more on your weekly Catholic Radio Magazine for the Bay Area, with your host, Ed Horodko.

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