Bay Area Catholic for Sept. 17, 2012

Up close and personal

  • Religious Freedom is more than a concept if you’ve had it and then lost it. This is what happened to our first guest’s grandparents who fought with fellow Catholics in 1920’s Mexico to regain this God-given right. Ludy Lopez learned about the tragedy and the triumph at Grandma’s knee.
  • The New Age and even some in our Church have phased out Satan, with beliefs like he’s reformed and is now on the side of light to we don’t have to worry about him, he’s not relevant to us these days. Who is Satan? What was the Angelic War described in the Bible really about? Professor Dr. Raymond Dennehy returns to Bay Area Catholic to talk with Ed about his novel, Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy is the derogatory name Lucifer gives Michael in this fascinating story of pride, free will, deception, and the implications of God’s love.
  • More points for meditation from Pope Benedict. Another thirty seconds from the Baltimore Catechism.
  • Another Holy Land Report. More from the Book of Matthew brought to life.

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