You’re Helping to Change Lives

You’re Helping to Change Lives

It’s a little thing. That monthly check you write to Immaculate Heart Radio. That little check that keeps us operating 24/7, on the air over 28 towers and on the internet.  It’s a little thing, but it changes lives.

A recent article on called Faith Found Via the Airways Christine Smyczynski talks about numerous conversions of faith brought around by not only a local Immaculate Heart Radio station, but other stations around the country as well.  From Stockton CA, to Buffalo NY, people are turning in and learning more about the teachings of the Catholic Church… And they’re coming back!

While many face difficulties or dissaproval when they start exploring the Catholic Faith, Catholic Radio help by being a private way for them to get more information.  As David Vacheresse, general manager of the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network says:

“The unique aspect of Catholic radio is it gives a person the opportunity to learn about the Catholic faith without others knowing about it.”

How deep does this renewed commitment to the Catholic Church go?  All the way into the Seminary!  Thom Price of EWTN tells the story:

“About 10 years ago, a guy who was far from his faith tuned in to a local Catholic station — the station here in Birmingham. He sent a check of support to the manager and said he would keep listening. The checks kept arriving every month for several years. Then the station got a letter from him saying he couldn’t listen anymore because he was going into the seminary. Today he is a priest in the Diocese of Birmingham.”

So, from Immaculate Heart Radio… Thanks for helping us change lives.  Read the rest of the article at: