Crash Course in Catholicism

Crash Course in Catholicism

If you’ve been looking for a way to dive deeper into the Catholic Faith, this is your chance. In a free, 13 week crash course, you can immerse yourself in all tenants of the Catholic faith.

Some highlights of what you can learn from this course include

  • Jesus and Apostolic Succession
  • Natural Philosophy
  • Proof for God’s Existence
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Creation-Redemption
  • Revelation
  • Moral Issues
  • Sins – Confession
  • Prayer
  • Much More

A tip of the hat to Matt Warner over at the National Catholic Register, who says:

I would encourage you to share this with anyone – Catholic or not – who would like to add a little depth to their understanding of Catholicism. You can’t beat free. And you can’t underestimate the impact this could have on somebody’s life who wants to learn a little bit more.