Bay Area Catholic for August 6, 2012

Catholics transforming our culture, not vice versa

  • The temptation is to try to fit in with a culture that needs Christ and his ways – a culture where God is banished from the public square, where Catholic Bashing is cool, where division replaces brotherhood and respect, where words and fundamental principles are twisted into contrary meanings. We’re tempted to accommodate and appease aspects of our culture we know are wrong, instead of shining Christ’s light. To “not make waves.” To not yell FIRE when we know the house is burning. Father Robert Spitzer gives his Cliffs Notes on the recent Napa Institute conference, where 350 participants, mostly lay Catholic leaders, took a close look at our options in the New America.
  • Leonardo DeFellipis gives us his reflections on this conference, and his advice from the conference to his own staff at St. Luke Productions.
  • Ed talks with Immaculate Heart Radio founder, Doug Sherman, about his reactions to the conference.
  • A report on Archbishop-Elect Salvatore Cordelione’s appointment as Archbishop of San Francisco.
  • All this and more on your Catholic radio magazine on living the Faith.

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