Bay Area Catholic for August 27, 2012

The Annual San Francisco Rosary Rally Coming October 13th

  • In 1961, Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton gathered 500,000 people in Golden Gate Park to pray the Rosary for Peace in the family and throughout the Earth. Father Lawrence Goode was a seminarian at the time, and he was there. He talks with Ed about what that was and the impact it has even today. Last year, he and several other folks decided to establish an annual San Francisco Rosary Rally in the public square. The first drew 2,000. This year it’s at United Nations Plaza on Market Street. Will it grow dramatically each year like the annual Walk For Life Westcoast has?
  • Father Goode is one of several priests in our archdiocese who celebrates Holy Mass in both the Ordinary Form (our usual form in English, Spanish, and many other languages) and the Extraordinary Form (the Traditional Latin Mass). Why does Pope Benedict encourage us to “taste” the Latin Mass? Well, the answer may surprise you. It’s not about the language. Franciscan Father Francisco Nahoe illuminates the Latin Mass and what we can learn about every Mass we participate in regardless of the language.
  • Last week’s guest, liturgical music composer Frank LaRocca sent us the mp3 he promised of his new Communion Antiphon, commissioned by the Diocese of Oakland to be part of last week’s Jubilee Mass at Christ The Light Cathedral. Ed plays it for us.
  • Immerse yourself for a few minutes in the Gospel of Matthew brought to life in the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Take another glimpse of the real Holy Land with Jacqueline Yvette. Ponder life-changing ideas from the Pope. Absorb the simplicity and directness of the Baltimore Catechism.

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