Bay Area Catholic for August 13, 2012

Archbishop-Elect Cordelione Reflects On Moving Across The Bay

  • Ed talks with Archbishop-Elect Salvatore Cordelione about his appointment by Pope Benedict II to succeed Archbishop George Niederhauer as Archbishop of San Francisco on October 4th. Archbishop-Elect reflects on his new mission, and on his few years as Bishop of Oakland.
  • Anthony Ryan returns to tell us about a new DVD by the BBC–The Vatican-The Hidden World. The BBC team focused on eight members of the Pope’s behind-the-scenes support staff, on their work and their life in the Vatican. Unique profiles of people at the heart of the Catholic Church and the world’s smallest country.
  • Patti Collyer returns with another young adult Catholic who is living and Carrying The Faith . Andrew doesn’t find it a sacrifice to serve Christ in the poor at St. Anthony’s San Francisco (a.k.a. St Antony’s Soup Kitchen). He experiences the essence of the Church’s Social Justice teachings and is drawn to a future career that serves those who need. His mom got him started years ago. Thanks Mom!
  • Jacqueline Yvette with more insight into the Holy Land and a visit to a local sister who walks where Christ walked.
  • And more.

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