Setting Things Right for July 18

Setting Things Right for July 18

Religious Liberty Under Full Attack

With special guest, Coadjutor Bishop Cirilo Flores, the July 18th Setting Things Right show focuses on the current attack on religious freedom in the United States.

Thousands of parishes throughout the U.S. recently completed the Fortnight for Freedom called for by the U.S. Bishops, where prayer, sacrifice, education, and activism on religious liberty were brought to the forefront of parish life. Hosts and guests of the show discussed the results of the Fortnight, responded to insightful statements on the current dilemma, and took listener calls. Listen and learn more about the topic of safeguarding what has been called Our First, Most Cherished Liberty, religious liberty.

Special guests include:

  • Most Reverend Cirilo Flores, Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego and Chair of the California Catholic Conference Committee on Religious Liberty,
  • Reverend Luke Jauregui, Pastor of St. Pius X Church in Chula Vista, CA, and
  • Cy Kellett, former managing editor of the Southern Cross Catholic Newspaper, and currently the local representative of Immaculate Heart Radio,

Become a well-informed Catholic on the disturbing problem of the attack on religious freedom here in the United States of America.


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