Bay Area Catholic for July 16

Talking Points Exposé

  • You may have been wondering why Ed and so many guests on Bay Area Catholic (and people you hear on other Immaculate Heart Radio programs) have been focusing on the Religious Freedom issue for many weeks. Ed has discovered that they are all working off the same set of talking points. Shocking? Listen to Ed’s opening monologue for an exposé.
  • Father Bob Spitzer now joins Ed regularly on Bay Area Catholic. His specialty, of course, is thinking clearly and logically– so he can help us work our way out of distortions or common mistakes in understanding the important issues of our time. Today, in only about three minutes, he shines light on the common belief that Science has replaced God.
  • Speaking of clear thinking and pointed communication, G. K. Chesterton makes logic sort of a stand-up comedy. American Chesterton Society President, Dale Alquist, joins Ed to spread the message of this Catholic Convert, the prolific author, the Apostle of Common Sense. Dale previews the upcoming 31st American Chesterton Conference, this time in Reno, the Far East Bay.
  • Turn the page on today’s Catholic Radio Magazine for the return of Leonardo DeFillipis, Catholic Actor, screenwriter, stage writer, and Defender Of The Faith. He gives us insight into the life, miracles, and martyrdom of Saint Maximillian Kolbe, the first Catholic Radio broadcaster. You’ll be surprised about Saint Maximillian’s life and his prophetic vision of our time from his vantage point–the first half of the 20th Century.
  • All this and more on your Bay Area radio magazine about living the Faith.

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