Stand Up for Religious Freedom – Friday June 8th at Noon

Stand Up for Religious Freedom – Friday June 8th at Noon

Round two! Get out there and show your support to keep our freedom.  Friday at noon local time no matter where you are.

Need to find a rally location? No problem – you can get the latest information from the Rally Location Page

Can’t make it to the rally but want to lend prayer support?  Say this Novena on Friday at noon and join thousands of others as we pray in support of religious freedom.

God of our Fathers,
we thank You for our nation,
founded by those who believed in Your Word
and came to this land as if out of the desert
to seek a place of freedom and rest.

We thank You for their conviction
that our rights come from You, our Creator,
and that government exists
to secure those rights,
and never to destroy or weaken them.

Now that we face unjust mandates
that call upon us to violate our conscience,
we pray for Your protection.
Keep us faithful to You in our every deed.

Grant that we may work for change
by being citizens who are active in the process
by which we elect our leaders.

Grant that by our efforts to educate and mobilize voters,
we may replace public officials who ignore Your law
with those who observe it faithfully.
Bless our nation’s upcoming elections.

As we rejoice that we are citizens of Your Kingdom,
so make us always faithful citizens on earth.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.