For Greater Glory: Did you see it?

For Greater Glory: Did you see it?

We’re seeing a lot of press on this movie. There’s a great article at the National Catholic Register talking about how the movie got made.  Pablo Jose Barroso, the film’s producer also discusses the timing of the film

I think that, culturally, we’re not being congruent with our religious beliefs. We are not standing up for our faith. We’ve been tolerating things that are wrong. It seems as if it’s easier for people to be against God than to claim him as their Creator. In this Year of Faith [to begin in October], the Holy Spirit can help people to be more faithful. If only one person who doesn’t believe in God sees this film and reflects on him, that is my best hope… The movie is about conscience. No one ever wins when religion is oppressed. As believers we need to band together. This is the perfect time for this film. Hopefully, it will help wake people up to the things that are taking us from God. In the end, this will harm us. We have to be faithful.

The big question though is: did you see it? If so, share your thoughts with us.



  1. Monica Osuna says:

    I strongly believe that this film is a must for all Catholics. My heart was truly moved by this film. I remember my grandma telling me about her hiding under her mother’s skirt during the Cristero’s time and how all the churches were closed. I also remember the anecdotes of a dearly Carmelite sister whose brother died as a martyr on that time. However, I never put too much thought on it and after seeing this film I realized the importance of our testimony to others in the path of faith; the sacrifice on our ancestors dying for the love of Christ and watering the seed of the Good News with their blood; and how thanks to them we can leave freely our faith. But most important, how great is the love of out Lord that men and women committed themselves to His Church and beloved brothers ans sisters do not doubt about giving their lives for Christ and the salvation of the souls. One last thing, do not try to find production errors… watch it with your heart and not with your mind 🙂 May God bless us and gives us the grace to defend our faith and give our lives for Him asn His children :)) oh, just one more thing to add, “Viva Cristo Rey!”

  2. Corrie Ayala says:

    This movie confirmed my batism, my communion, my confirmation, in all, the reason for my existence: TO LOVE THE LORD FIRST, AND ABOVE ALL THINGS!

    Recently, without any explanation that I can give, my mouth is just being outspoken in front of others without any fear to defend my faith, our religious freedom. Along comes this film I had never heard of before or the history about it.

    My thought of reaffirmation: I am still here. No one put a gun to my head because of what I had said to defend my faith. Possibly my distant relatives, did have a bullet directed to their head that ended their lives. ‘VIVA CRISTO REY’!!!

  3. Jimmy Lopez says:

    I saw this movie on opening day with my parents who reminded me how my grandparents, both maternal and fraternal, where already living here in the states before this took place.
    This movie has come at the right time for me personally as I have been following a path of stronger faith in our church and it’s teachings while doing self-studies in Apologetic’s. I feel all the more confidant, since seeing this movie, in evangelizing about the Catholic faith, it’s undeniable roots to Christ and it’s stance in today’s misleading political correctness. The believers who stood with commitment during such an horrendous time in Mexico and in modern history of the church, are truly my new found inspiration. “VIVA CRISTO REY!”

  4. Sue Sanchez Grela says:

    I saw For Greater Glory on Sunday on the Feast of Corpus Christi with my husband, who is a non-practicing Catholic. I knew I’d love it and praise God he too was incredibly touched by this movie. Throughout the evening and the first thing the next morning he shared his thoughts. I have faith those who see this movie will be touched whether they admit it or not, even those who have written not so complimentary reviews. Definitely will purchase the DVD!

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