Cardinal Dolan Releases New eBook on True Freedom

Cardinal Dolan Releases New eBook on True Freedom

With Catholics around the country preparing for the U.S. bishops’ campaign for religious freedom, Cardinal Timothy Dolan released a new eBook this week entitled, “True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty.” Catholic News Agency reports:

“In a work of jus
t over 5,000 words, Cardinal Dolan develops Blessed John Paul II’s understanding of the natural law, whose God-given principles are known through reason and confirmed by faith. They are the source of the Church’s teaching on subjects such as human life and religious freedom.

Cardinal Dolan’s eBook aims to propose these principles anew, to a culture suffering what the late Pope called an “eclipse of the sense of God and of man.”

The eBook also contains questions addressed to American citizens, such as:

“Should laws be tailored to suit changing wants, demands, or recently discovered ‘rights’? Or should wants, demands, and novel rights be tempered by law to uphold the sacredness of life, the common good, and the objective moral law?”

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“True Freedom” is available for 99 cents at