Bay Area Catholic for June 18

This week’s highlights on your Catholic radio magazine for the Bay Area, hosted by Ed Horodko.

  • Tim Busch, CEO of the Napa Institute, tells us all about the national conference coming up in Napa, California – the second annual Napa Institute Conference. This year, hundreds of people – bishops, priests, religious, and laity – will gather for four days of talks and conferences on how to equip Catholic leaders to defend and advance the Catholic Faith in the “next America” – today’s emerging secular society.
  • Next, in our segment, Carrying The Faith, Patti Collyer introduces us to another young adult guest. He’s remarkable and inspiring.
  • The cloistered sister. Sisters of the Norbertine Order, founded in the Twelfth Century, tell us how this ancient order is alive and well, with new vocations blossoming today. Prayer is their full time job, and they pray for us out here in the world. Don’t miss this rare conversation with sisters whose way of life includes very little contact with people outside the cloister walls.

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