Bay Area Catholic for June 11, 2012

Carrying The Faith

  • Don’t miss today’s “Carrying The Faith” feature about a young Catholic who is carrying the Faith forward on our multi-generational pilgrimage through the ages. Patti Collyer joins us again with a young Catholic guest.
  • Another perspective on the Christeros Mexican war for religious freedom 80 years ago. Author Ruben Quezada joins Ed to fill us in on some more history, and on his new companion book to the new movie, For Greater Glory.
  • Has the Sexual Revolution delivered on its promises to make everybody “free and natural”? And what has been its effect on children? Author Mary Eberstat looks at the body of social science research she cites in her book, Adam and Eve After The Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution. With a careful scientific eye, she draws parallels between how smoking was seen fifty years ago and how promiscuity is seen today.
  • All this, plus Ed’s usual Catholic radio magazine features about living the Faith.

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