Setting Things Right for May 23rd

Setting Things Right for May 23rd

The Wednesday, May 23rd  “Setting Things Right” show featured:

  • Ann Hendershott, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at King’s College in New York City,
  • Cy Kellett, San Diego Representative for Immaculate Heart Radio
  • Leah Darrow, Apologist and Speaker for Catholic Answers (and former top model),
  • Carrie Giebel, Director of Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of San Diego
  • Timmerie Millington, ardent pro-life advocate, writer and speaker.

The question handed over to this diverse group of Catholic leaders was, “The Disappearance of Chastity… Could This Phenomenon be at the Core of our Most Pressings Social Problems?”  Asked another way, “Could Sexual Irresponsibility be Destroying our Culture?”
No matter how the question is asked, Catholics should be deeply concerned about the issue and willing to promote chastity in everything they say and do.


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