Bay Area Catholic for May 28, 2012

  • The new epic movie, For Greater Glory, premiers nationally this weekend, telling the story of the Cristero War in Mexico 80 years ago, where Catholics fought their government for the right to publicly live their faith. Then, the grandmother of today’s first guest, Ludy Lopez, fled her village at age 15, to avoid the soldiers who destroyed the church and imprisoned the priest. Over the years, Grandmother passed to her family her first-hand account of three years’ life in a cave, safe from the soldiers; and of the successful rebellion that restored freedom of religion at great cost in blood. Ludy shares this account with us, which she learned at Grandmother’s knee.
  • Next, volunteer youth minister Cody Torres shows us how he lives his Faith.
  • Turn the page of your radio magazine for Dr. Raymond Dennehy, Professor of Philosophy at University of San Francisco. Twice a year for almost 25 years, he has debated against abortion at UC Berkeley. His opponent: an abortionist. These articles and more, on today’s Bay Area Catholic.

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