Bay Area Catholic for May 21

  • The June 8 day of rallies across the land defending religious freedom in the USA, and especially San Francisco’s rally, are previewed by pro-life heroes Rev. Walter Hoye and Eva Muntean.
  • Turn the page of your radio magazine, for Bishop of Monterey, Richard Garcia, who talks with Ed about this weekend’s California Catholic Charismatic Conference in Santa Clara. He’ll be celebrating Mass at this all-Bay-Area diocese event.
  • The Walk For Babies, June 2 in Milpitas, benefits the Saint Juan Diego Women’s Center, San Jose. Patsy Gonzalez and Tom Wagner tell us all about the Center, which so far has helped 700 young mothers choose life for their babies.
  • A new regular feature premiers today – Carrying The Faith – with co-host Patti Collyer. Obviously, every new generation carries our Faith. In each weekly segment, we’ll focus on a young Catholic who builds the future of our Church.
  • All these radio magazine articles, plus the wisdom of Pope Benedict, another Holy Land Report, The Baltimore Catechism in 30 Seconds, and more of the Gospel of Matthew brought to life in the Truth and Life Audio Bible.

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