Bay Area Catholic for May 14

  • Ed talks with Mexican Catholic Pablo Barrosso, producer of For Greater Glory, the new Epic motion picture about the 1920 uprising to restore religious freedom in Mexico. This film opens in 800 theaters across the USA on June 1st.
  • Next, Father Anthony Hernandez, a Catholic priest in the Byzantine Rite of the Church, gives us insight into the diverse Churches within our Catholic Church, each with ancient roots.
  • Next, Ed is joined by Mary Johnstone, of Magnificat, an international ministry to Catholic Women. Mary tells us about their history and quarterly Prayer Breakfasts in Concord, and their expanding service to our Faith community.
  • All these radio magazine articles, plus the wisdom of Pope Benedict, another Holy Land Report, and another chapter of Matthew, brought to life in the Truth and Life Audio Bible, here on your radio magazine about Living the Faith.
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