Bay Area Catholic for April 9

  • Father Robert Spitzer is back, this time to talk about his DVD course for teens, a physics course that shows why today is the “very best time in history” to be able to see evidence of God in physics. April 14th, he’ll speak in depth on this key educational resource for Catholic High Schools, Confirmation classes, and DREs, at the Catholic Homeschool Conference, Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara.
  • Theresa Johnson, a home school mom, tells us lots about why so many parents opt for homeschooling.
  • Our next guest is Patty Collyer, inviting High Schoolers to Ignite!, an energizing, unforgettable faith sharing and faith building Saturday, coming up in Union City.
  • Then, Anthony Ryan previews the Napa Valley Catholic Men’s Conference – an annual event that draws men from around the state and even farther. It’s that good!
  • Lively conversations about important April events.

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