Bay Area Catholic for April 16

Let’s travel!

  • To the Holy Land, to Tanzania, to Hawaii, to Rome, to London. No lines at the airport, and insights into living the Faith in all these places.
  • Retired Maryknoll Missionary priest, Fr. Tom Donnelly lived and worked in Africa and among the indigenous people of Hawaii his long career. He shares some adventures and insights, and gives us a blessing in Swahili.
  • Jacqueline Yvette, online from London, gives us info on both the Holy Land and the Holy Land Report. Her mother, Charlene, joins the conversation from States-side.
  • Then, Ed talks with Ann Engelhart about her children’s book, Friendship With Jesus, childlike wisdom from Pope Benedict centering on First Communion. She illustrated it in water color.

Download the MP3 (right click, and ‘Save As’)