In the News – San Diego Catholic Radio is On the Air

In the News – San Diego Catholic Radio is On the Air

A great news story from, San Diego’s ABC affiliate, reporting on yesterday’s launch of Immaculate Heart Radios 26th station (including translators) across the Western United States. The report talks about Phil River’s involvement in helping to raise the capital to start the station as well as how San Diego seems to be a lightening rod for religious and political events.

Newly-appointed Bishop Cirilo Flores launched Immaculate Heart Radio at about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday at the St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church. Flores then was the station’s first guest.

“Unfortunately, people believe what they hear on the radio or what they read in the newspaper and many times it is completely untrue,” he said. “It is good to have channels of communication that will base their content on the truth of our faith and the truth of our church.”

You can watch the video on as well.

As the article says, this now leaves Los Angeles as the only Major City without a full time Catholic Radio Station.

Here’s a round up of all stories about the launch of the station: